deenaml (deenaml) wrote,

Favorite Reads of 2011

I read 179 books this year, mostly YA with some MGs scattered in and a handful of adult novels and non-fiction.

What were my favorites, those books that resonated with me days and weeks after I finished reading them, those that I recommended to teens and adults alike over and over again?

In no particular order:

RIVAL totally nailed the high school experience that often your best friends, because they are so similar to you, are also your biggest competitors and that can tear relationships apart. This book is heartbreakingly honest and true.

Because I read so much, lots of books feel familiar. BLOOD RED ROAD, despite its dystopian-feel, did not. This was in large part because of the unique voice and kick-butt heroine who owned it. I could see a Printz nod  here.

I can't pinpoint exactly what I was drawn to in IMAGINARY GIRLS. The mysterious atmosphere, magical realism, strange sister character, flowing voice? No matter what the reason, this book was hard to put down and left me discussing it with others. I could also see the Printz committee recognizing this novel.

You don't have to read THE WEDNESDAY WARS to appreciate this companion novel that had me rooting so hard for the main character. I teared up in places, wanted to hug him in others, and just overall FELT with every word I read of OKAY FOR NOW. I would love to see this book get a Newbery nod.

Thank you to all the awesome authors who provided me with fantastic reading throughout the year!

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